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Exploring Edmonton and Area Dog Parks- Fort Saskatchewan Dog Park

Bruno The Boxer

Posted on August 04 2017

Hello my fur friends!

Today I want to talk about all the great Dog Parks we have in the Edmonton Area. Not from Edmonton? Thats okay, send us a line about your favorite dog park and we will add it to our list to try. I love travelling, so I would love to hear all about them.

As a dog, there is certain criteria one looks for when in a dog park; Cleanliness, Run space, Furry friends, any special features and of course... swim area/how dirty can I get (obviously the dirtier the better). 

Todays feature dog park is the new FORT SASKATCHEWAN Dog Park



Although one may think I am being biased (Fort is my home dawg), this is one of the best parks I've been to. The park is under a year old (opened in October 2016), but has seen many improvements since then. The area is completely fenced and trees have just been placed throughout. The added bonus to this park is the agility equipment that has been added throughout all three parks (the big area is more "jungle gym" equipment, the real skill testing rings and bar jumps can be found in the other 2 areas). 

PROS: This dog park was designed with all fur friends in mind. It hosts 3 separate fenced pens; Pen#1- dry area, pen#2- dry area, and pen #3 is my favorite... the largest pen with a lake to swim around in right in the middle. Each pen is also equipped with play equipment to test your skills on. Does any other pups just love the agility course? Each area also features a holding pen so mom and/or dad can catch us when were trying to get in or leave. 

CONS: Because it's still new, some areas can get muddier than others. If you want to stay dry, make sure you stick to the dry area pen. There is no man made path which could be a challenge if you have a stroller. The park is located by the ball diamonds which is a little out of the way, but can easily still grab a coffee and then head out. 

CLEANLINESS: I always see people helping out and using doggy bags that the park provides and posts all throughout.

RUN SPACE: this park is definitely not lacking in the space category. With 3 pens to choose from, you sure wont get bored here. Each pen is fenced also for those fur friends that like to run away. There is also a giant pool (Mom say its a lake!) in the middle. The pool parties there are always a blast!

FUR FRIENDS- there is usually always some friends around, but the area is so big, that I never have to worry about being crowded. If you want to play, stay close to the fence when you come in. This is where the hoomans like to sit and hang out, so there is always lots of furry friends there. 

Its amazing what has been done in a year at this park. Well done Fort Sask! Worth the drive if your from out of town. Have you been to the Fort Sask park? Let us know what you think? Next week we will leave our review on another dog park around the city!


Woof Woof until next time, your friend and Bloggy Boxer


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