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Half Elk Antler Chews




The Woofery's Half Elk Antler Chews are guaranteed to be an instant favourite of your chewing dog. They come in small, medium, large, and extra large for all sizes of dogs. Recommended for medium chewing dogs that get bored quickly from trying to reach the center of the antler.  

Our naturally shed, 100% Canadian Elk Antler Chews, are not bleached and have no chemicals added.

Elk Antler Chews have many benefits:

• Great alternative to bovine and swine products
Great source of calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin
Good for teeth; removes plaque and tartar
Great for dogs with allergies
Less likely to splinter (supervision always recommended)
Long lasting
No staining or smell (all natural)
Antler Size  Length Recommended for Dogs
Small 4" to 6" 1 - 20 lbs
Medium 6" to 8" 20 - 60 lbs
Large 8" to 10" 60 - 120 lbs
X-Large 10" + 120 lbs +
Stump Varies 60 lbs + (Includes base of Antler)


* Always supervise your pet with their Elk Antler Chews, and dispose of the antler when it becomes small enough to swallow

**Actual Elk Antler may differ slightly in size, shape, and color from the picture


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