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Our Story

Marty came into my life almost 11 years ago. I wanted some company and soon came to realize that Mr. Martin was much more than that. He became my companion and shadow, literally following me everywhere. Marty is the typical small dog; what he lacks in size, he makes up in his large stature. Some call this small dog syndrome. I call it...“sorry my 12 pound dog went after your 97 pound dog.” Don’t let his size fool you though, he is extremely active. What he doesn’t realize is that he is getting older, yet he still acts like the same playful puppy he was 10 years ago. I have always been concerned and watchful of Marty's health, but have more recently turned to his diet to ensure he is getting all his needs met.

Bruno is the most recent edition to our WOOF pack. Before getting Bruno, I never quite realized a puppy/dog could have so much energy. Bruno keeps Marty and I in our very best shape. Bruno is full of as much spunk as he is love. Because he is so active, I also had to take into consideration his dietary needs.

Because he burns so much energy, Bruno needs a lot of calories. When researching active dog diets, I quickly came to realize how much filler and bi-products were in dog food. I try to eat as healthy as I can, and I wanted the same for my fur children. I looked into vet recommended kibble and raw dog food; I tried all the aforementioned and found it was becoming expensive and inconvenient, especially working full time. I then decided to home make my own dog food. I made sure the food I cooked was nothing short of what I would put into my own body. Being a dog owner for my whole life, I knew all the bad foods that would not be allowed anywhere near the food. I also know all the yummy and delicious food that they can’t get enough of! With more than willing volunteers, Marty, Bruno and I put various meals to the test. They were hooked! They loved the fresh, healthy and gluten free ingredients. Marty, who is a fussy eater, didn’t hesitate for a second when I put his food out. It is so beneficial to add this to their diets once a day, whether it is the homemade dog food on its own, or mixed in with their kibble.

And thus, The Woofery was born. I know many fur moms and dads that think the same way I do and only want the best for their fur children. We also wanted the same quality for our treats. The Woofery understands how busy fur parents are - even sourcing the right kibble can quickly become a difficult task. The Woofery delivers these healthy, homemade meals right to your doggy door! It doesn’t get much more convenient than that!

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